VOLTECH’s test systems offer, among other features, the possibilities of automating your production or of integrating the test systems into existing production processes.
The following video offers examples to show you how a company with which we cooperate closely has integrated the AT3600 tester into its production activity to carry out quality assurance testing on finished products.

Some of our customers have also constructed testing stations where their components are automatically delivered on one side via a conveyor belt and are subsequently transported away to the goods dispatch area in blister packs.

Integration of the AT3600

This is possible because the test systems also have a „REMOTE“ operation connection.
The 9-pole D-sub connector contains all the essential inputs and outputs which are required in order to facilitate the automation of testing or manufacturing processes with the assistance of a “PLC control mechanism”. As part of this approach, the test results are automatically saved to memory, so that they can later be statistically evaluated by means of appropriate software.

Already, several years ago, we built a FUNCTIONAL model of this type for our exhibition stand at the “COIL WINDING” trade show in Berlin.
In this demonstration, you can see how the components are delivered, tested and then transported away on separate “GOOD” or “BAD” conveyor belts.


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