Mr. Gerhard StengerFor more than 18 years KUST Messgeräte GmbH has been the sole agency (transformer test systems and accessories) of Voltech Instruments Ltd. in Germany and six other European countries, as well as for the entire Eastern European region.

Gerhard Stenger is owner and sole managing Director of KUST Messgeräte GmbH. As a result of more than 30 years spent as a director of development, production control manager and QA manager in a larger scale enterprise, Mr. Stenger has acquired extensive knownledge and has accumulated comprehensive experience. This knowledge and experience is used by KUST Messgeräte GmbH to assist its clients in overcoming any difficulties that may arise. These may include software problems, production of hardware, repair and adjustment and also the construction of customized fixture systems.

Since the establishment of KUST Messgeräte GmbH we have continuously improved and expanded our service, to ensure that we can always offer the best possible customer support.

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