custom fixturesIn addition to the original Voltech fixture, since January 2011 KUST Messgeräte GmbH has offered to its customers a variety of different fixture systems to cover their individual needs.

Our many years of activity and experience allow us to understand the problems and needs of our customers. In order to provide our customers with an even better and more comprehensive service we are now able to supply almost any type of custom fixture (in cooperation with a partner who has a large machine tool manufacturing facility that includes the production of injection moulded parts).

For example, this Kelvin fixture is ideal for all wire-mounted components. This fixture is available in raster dimensions of 2.54 to 5.08 mm, the pin row distances are steplessly adjustable. This fixture is thus ideal for testing a large number of different components that have the same raster dimensions. The big advantage is the ability to carry out all measurements using the 4-wire measurement technique, while easily compensating for connecting leads and contact resistance. The manufacturer guarantees over 1 million plugging cycles. This translates into an enormous life expectancy for this fixture.

Examples of custom fixtures

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