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The AT3600, with its superior layout and patented digital measurement technology, has revolutionized the testing of wound components throughout the world. Only the AT3600 combines high and low voltage testing of all inductance coils in one device. This combination of speed, accuracy, flexibility and reliability is the reason why world market leaders use this device.

AT3600 Automatic Transformer Tester

AT3600 296x217

Using patented measurement techniques, the AT3600 transformer tester has revolutionised wound component testing throughout the world.

The AT3600 is the only wound component testers to combine high and low voltage testing in one station to provide a unique combination of speed, accuracy, flexibility and reliability.

  • All-in–one tester, with over 40 different tests, mV to kV, uA to A.
  • Simple PASS / FAIL indication and optional full results storage.
  • The AT3600 is as a stand-alone device or in combination with a PC or server usable.
    (Up to 8 AT3600s on one Server)
  • THE industry standard. Manual or automated handling.


The AT3600 is the most cost-effective solution for all transformer and wound component testing requirements.

Using techniques patented by Voltech. The AT3600 introduces a fast, reliable and flexible test solution for all small to medium size wound components. Offering 100% testing of production output for 100% of the required functional and safety test, the AT3600 provides complete assurance of zero-defect components. Whether used for testing manually or with automatic handling systems, the AT3600 will guarantee output quality, minimize test times and reduce costs.

The unique design of the AT3600 integrates different test single sources, measuring circuits and a 20-node connection matrix together with a versatile fixture system to bring you benefits that no other instrument can offer.

* International patents:
UK 2261957B, Europe 0621953B, USA US5500598


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