The DC1000 precision DC Bias current source is a breakthrough in inductance measurement. The 25A DC Bias unit can make measurements of inductances which are normally used in DC and DC /DC converters. Transformers and chokes must be provided with DC current bias in order to permit induction measurements under operating conditions. The DC 1000 facilitates 100 % testing of all inductors, using either a Voltech transformer tester (AT3600 / ATi) or an LCR meter. Up to 20 DC 1000 units can be connected in parallel to provide up to 500A of DC bias. This is unique to the DC 1000: no other DC bias unit available anywhere in the world offers these possibilities.

DC1000 Precision DC Bias Current Source


The DC1000 is used to characterize wound components that are intended for use in high current DC power supplies and DC-to-DC converters. It applies bias current to transformers and chokes for impedance testing under working conditions.

A new dimension in DC bias testing.

  • 25A linear power supply, expandable to 500A (up to 10 devices in parallel).
  • RS232 interface for remote control.
  • 20Hz to 3MHz dynamic range.
  • Compatible with most LCR measuring bridges, optional software for recording inductance and saturation curves.
  • Simple operation. Switch on and measure, current adjustable via a rotary knob.

A microprocessor supplies smoothed linear DC power to the inductance to be measured. The adjustment of the current is carried out by a speed-sensitive rotary encoder mounted on the front panel or via a RS232 interface.
Influence of the source impedances on the results of an LCR meter is almost impossible due to the DC1000's unique power source compensation technique. This allows using the DC1000 with most LCR instruments and is the ideal power source for Voltech AT3600 and ATi automatic transformer testers.



The DC1000 is used to test wound components that are typically used in DC power supplies and DC / DC converters. Transformers and storage chokes must have premagnetisation direct current applied to enable impedance measurements under operating conditions.

Superior By DesignSmooth 25A Linear Power
No Compensation required for high accuracy measurements.  
Easy To UseStackable to 500A
Switch on and use. Rotary knob for easy current seting, (up to 10 units in parallel)
VersatileRS232 For Remote Control
Compatible with most LCR meters as well as Voltech ATi and AT3600 automatic transformer tester.  
Safety Interlock20Hz to 3MHz Dynamic Range



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