Product information KUST Result-Analysis and KUST AT/ATi-Remote-Control

New revolutionary software from Kust GmnH: Control and obtain results from Voltech Transformer testers + full test data analysis!

Result analysis offer:

  • “Install and use” within minutes!
  • Integrated database, no need to create own SQL or access database – all there and ready to use!
  • Support for 32 and 64 bit operating systems (up to windows 7)
  • Graphical and numerical results display
  • Result storage – exporting (csv)
  • Conversion of any test data to graphs
  • Available in German and English Language
  • Very user friendly and constantly updated with user suggestions
  • Designed around true customer feedback and optimised to be used in production environment

Help to comply with ISO/Quality requirements for process control: test results storage and reporting.

Enable every user to provide customer or auditor with full test data for parameters measured and checked in the QA process.

Software helps to maintain and improve quality of produced product by offering detailed test data and chart presentation of specific test areas in very customised way (time, period, batch, only Fail and many more)


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Please contact us for your free copy of the DEMO analysis software,
you can test it full functionality for a 30 days with no obligation.
You find the operation instructions, on our downloads page!”




Evidence of production data and archiving of data are a MUST these days for many suppliers. In the future, these aspects will become an important building block for your marketing success. The KUST Result-Analysis program offers you a tool which will perform these tasks for you.

Following tasks are performed by the software:

  • Archiving your measurement data and testing programs/routines (*.atp)
  • Automatic Calculation of production parameters
  • Grafphic presentation in the form of plots of measurement values, distribution curves, etc.
  • Printing of results, calculations and graphs
  • Print-marking of the test samples


Software discribtion

  • Archiving of test result
  • Archiving of test programs

    Monitor 1
  • Calculation of production parameters
  • Graphic presentation of testing values
  • Presentation of distribution curves

    Monitor 2
  • Monitoring of results from AT/ATi
  • Transfer of information to databank

    Monitor 3
  • Reading of ".atr" files and transfer to the databank

    Monitor 4
  • Selection of components, (classification, test criteria, type, batch …)
  • Activation of label printers and inkjet printers for direct labeling of components

    Monitor 5


KUST-Result-Analysis program

In order to demonstrate the quality of the product to the customer, details are required such as Cp and Cpk values, as well as information about whether the values measured correspond with the normal distribution.
How broad is the mean variation of the measured values? Can any drift be detected in production values? All this information is required to ensure a consistent level of manufacturing costs at desired level.

If is also very often necessary to prepare a test report as proof of quality. All test data is archivied/saved in database in order to generate full test report to include both production and test parameters.

Unique solution from KUST GmbH is designed to offer full production support, we are open to suggestions or special requests.

If there is a function which would fulfill specifficaly your quality control requirment we would be delighted to hear from you – please get in touch here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The constantly-increasing requirements for evidence of the quality of the parts you deliver Probably also make it necessary for you to document the production process and to archive the data.

This activity includes numerous different tasks such as:

  • Archiving of test data and process documentation
  • Calculation of production parameters (Mean value, standard deviation, variability of test results, CP, CPk, CPm, CPo, CPu)
  • Preperation of test reports with test results, graphs amd key parameters
  • Printing of all required test reports and diagrams
  • Online evalution of test results
  • Printing of components with markings required by the customer


With the KUST-Result-Analysis software, you can carry out all archiving and evalution tasks which arise in your production plant.
Not only that, you can also prepare and print various types of test report.

Already existing data in the ".atr" data format or the content of a Voltech DBConnectivity data bank can be adopted into the system and analyzed.
Data export into Excel or other programs is equally possible.

During testing, measurement data are displayed and archived.

If selected components are required, you can sort them into different classes.
These classifications can immediately be printed directly on the test samples by using an inkjet printer.
The same applies to all other types of data desired by the customer.
Even selected testing statistics, measurement resuts, serial numbers, etc., can be printed on to test samples in a similar way.

For the documentation, all the necessary data based on variuos selection criteria can be collated and printed out.

We shall be very pleased to create additional methods for covering any special requirements and different forms of evalution, if you wish!
Just tell us what you need!



With KUST AT/ATi-Remote-Control you can operate your AT3600/ATi via Intranet or Internet from any location worldwide.

All functions of the programs "EDITOR" and "SERVER" can be used.

Furthermore by using "Result-Analysis", you can check data and operate control functions.

Do you want to be able to operate your AT3600 or ATi from a remote location, check out programs or call up results, even if there is no PC nearby?
If so, the AT-Remote-Control is the perfect solution for you !

Remote Control

All you have to do is to connect it in the Intranet to the AT3600 / ATi and link it with the network. Make a few adujstments in the configuration software, and you can already work with the machine as if it were standing next to you.
In the Internet you then need to identify the IP adress and alter somesettings to enable the port.

We'll be very pleased to help you with this.

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