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Voltech Blackbox

Besides the sale of all Voltech products, in particular transformer test systems and accessories, KUST Messgeräte GmbH of course offers you a full maintenance program consisting of repair, adjustment and calibration.

Voltech Instruments Ltd. explicitly advises that only regular adjustments (including calibration) of the AT3600 and ATi can guarantee accurate measurements!
This insures that many of the most common measurement system failures can be avoided.

In consequence of the patented software (known as "Blackbox"), the need for regular updates and the necessary spare parts, adjustments and follow-up calibrations can only be carried out by Voltech or KUST Messgeräte GmbH.

What happens during such an adjustment / maintenance activity?

Voltech Blackbox

  • When your unit first arrives, a detailed log about the actual state of the device is produced.
  • Should servicing be needed, this is carried out after consultation and subject to your agreement.
  • All contacts are cleaned and, after consultation, the spring contacts are replaced to ensure proper adapter connections.
  • The latest software updates and, if necessary, new firmware, are installed.
  • Then several thousand measurement reading adjustments are made. This "returns" the test system to its factory specifications. Then the transformer test system is calibrated using patented Voltech software and a measurement protocol is printed.
  • Finally, a comprehensive functional test as well as a burn-in test are carried out before the unit is returned to you.
  • If necessary, we can provide you with a replacement unit for the period during which your equipment is in our laboratory.

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